Emerald is a synthetic detergent cleaner and is a good all-purpose cleaner for every cleaning need. It can be used on all hard surfaces such as floors, walls, woodwork, windows, etc. Its superior soil suspending action allows spreading over greasy floors and prevents loosened soil from clinging to surfaces being cleaned. Emerald cleaner has controlled foam and is free rinsing. It will not create a slip hazard. Emerald has a pleasant, clean aroma and is economical and easy to use.

Recommended Use

  • For light cleaning and damp mopping – Use ½ to 1oz. per gallon of water.
  • For medium cleaning – Use 2-4oz. per gallon of water.
  • For heavy cleaning and tough soil – Use 4-6oz. per gallon of water.

Product Details

  • Form: Liquid
  • Scent: Citronella
  • Color: Green
  • PH: 7.0-7.2
  • Wetting Ability: Excellent
  • Foaming: N/A
  • Phosphates: None
  • Chlorine Content: N/A
  • Flash Point: N/A
  • Boiling Point: N/A
  • Weight per Gallon: 8.3 lbs.
  • Solubility in Water: Complete
  • Storage Stability: Excellent
  • Emulsification: Excellent
  • Biodegradability: Complete
  • Corrosion Factor: None
  • Percent of Solids: N/A
  • Percent of Acid: N/A
  • Coverage: N/A

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