Gentle Foaming Hand Soap

Gentle Foaming Hand Soap is the practical liquid hand cleaner for washroom use. A clean lemon scent with an abundant lather that leaves hands clean at a budget price!

Recommended Use

  • Gentle Foaming Hand Soap is ready to use or may be diluted as desired.
  • For foaming soap use – Dilute 50/50 with water
  • Wet hands and apply hand cleaner, lather and rinse clean.

Product Details

  • Form: Liquid
  • Scent: Fresh Lemon
  • Color: Pink
  • PH: 7
  • Wetting Ability: Excellent
  • Foaming: N/A
  • Phosphates: None
  • Chlorine Content: N/A
  • Flash Point: N/A
  • Boiling Point: N/A
  • Weight per Gallon: 8.636 lbs.
  • Solubility in Water: Complete
  • Storage Stability: Excellent
  • Emulsification: Excellent
  • Biodegradability: Good
  • Corrosion Factor: None
  • Percent of Solids: N/A
  • Percent of Acid: N/A
  • Coverage: N/A

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