Enzyme T

Reformulated! Enzyme “T” Odor Remover removes both old and new odors resulting from organic and inorganic soils and waste. Odors from food, pets, pet accidents, urine, vomit, mildew, sewage, body odor, or smoke smell. Safe to use on fabrics, upholstery, drapes, tile, grout, vinyl, sealed wood, concrete and other water safe surfaces.

Recommended Use

  • Remove excess waste or soil matter. Shake well before using.
  • For spot treatment - Apply full strength by pouring, mopping or spraying area - Keep area moist by covering or adding water until odor is gone (Usually 8-24 hours).
  • In extreme cases or for areas exposed to repeated soiling, additional applications may be needed to extend the enzymatic deodorizing time. For area cleaning with steam carpet cleaner.
  • Add 2-4oz Enzyme “T” to each gallon of cleaning solution For room/air/upholstery deodorizing - Spray Enzyme “T” full strength using a trigger sprayer.

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