Speede Anti - Static

SpeeDee Anti-Stat provides excellent static dissipation and grounding in dry conditions. It will not stain when used as directed. SpeeDee Anti-Stat forms a non-tacky, non-cohesive film upon drying to resist soil adhesion. This film also aids in releasing soil from carpet fibers when being shampooed or vacuumed. Carpeting stays cleaner longer due to minimized dust and dirt attraction.

Recommended Use

  • SpeeDee Anti-Stat is ready to use, and can be applied using any spray-type dispenser.
  • Apply by spraying a fine mist on the treatable surface.
  • Apply only enough to dampen the area. Allow to dry before permitting traffic in the area.

Product Details

  • Form: Liquid
  • Scent: Detergent Scent
  • Color: Clear
  • PH: 7
  • Wetting Ability: Excellent
  • Foaming: N/A
  • Phosphates: None
  • Chlorine Content: N/A
  • Flash Point: N/A
  • Boiling Point: N/A
  • Weight per Gallon: 8.3 lbs.
  • Solubility in Water: Complete
  • Storage Stability: Excellent
  • Emulsification: Good
  • Biodegradability: Complete
  • Corrosion Factor: Slight
  • Percent of Solids: N/A
  • Percent of Acid: N/A
  • Coverage: N/A

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